RJ Faux Fur Bomber



Detail: RJ fuses sports luxe, chic elevated peice. She’s crafted in Ena Pelly’s 100% recycled faux fur. RJ is soft to touch and will be your new jacket for winter mornings, evenings, and events.  

Color: Snow Leopard

Fabric: 100% recycled polyester  

Fit: True to size. 


Being surrounded by nature in our Victorian Surf Coast home has informed our focus on creating environmentally conscious fashion. At Ena Pelly we recognize our role and responsibility in protecting the environment through sustainable business and production practices. Our sustainability journey and our commitment to reducing our impact on the environment across every aspect of our business is constantly evolving. Each collection sees new developments in sustainable fabrications, reduced impact packaging and conscious design to create love-forever pieces, reducing our overall impact and encouraging sustainable purchases. This is effortless dressing, mindfully designed, for the way we live now.