Loop Slipper



Detail: Baby Alpaca and wool loop knit slipper scuff ethically hand-knit by women in Peru, with a 1/2 inch cushion in the footbed for extra comfort.

Color: Ivory

Fabric: Baby Alpaca Fur and Wool upper + Suede Sole. 

Fit: True to size, if between sizes— size up. 

Sustainability: Our production practices are not just sustainable and ethical but they help support the communities of our wonderful friends and partners in Peru. We pride ourselves in running our business with as much transparency as possible from choosing quality materials to our production practices.

Our alpaca fur slippers are made from cruelty free fur. This fur is sold in markets in Peru by the farmers who care for the alpacas. From this stage, they are put through several finishing processes. First, there is a tanning process to make the fur soft and clean. After the first tanning process happens if we are dying the fur to a specific color, the fur is dyed. After this, the fur is washed with a special shampoo so that it smells fresh and clean. Then the fur must be fluffed and finished. The fur is combed by hand in order to take out tangles and make the fur extra soft and fluffy. After the furs have been prepped they must be stretched before they are cut. In order to stretch the furs they are placed on a wooden table and nailed to the table as is the process of artisanal furriers. From here, the furriers can cut each pattern piece out for each slipper. Once the pattern pieces are cut the slippers are stitched together and the insoles are put inside of the slippers. This is called the stitch and turn process of the slipper. The final touch to closing up the slipper is that it is hand sewn at the toe. Once the slippers are completely stitched together and practically complete, they must again be brushed, fluffed, and given a haircut to even out any inconsistencies in fur length.

Each slipper is a special one of a kind pair in an unto itself due to the natural way we get our alpaca fur, the length and texture can vary slightly. Your shaggy or fluffy pair is one of a kind.