Cassidy Skirt

$135.00 $179.00

Detail: Forever effortless with a faux wrap detail and elastic waist.

SUSTAINABILITY: This smooth, lightweight fabric mimics silk and is made from 100% Viscose. Viscose is commonly used as a silk substitute. We love it because it has a similar drape and luxe feel. It’s a fiber made from tree wood pulp.

Nation LTD's Sateen garments in our line are produced within a 10-mile radius of our headquarters in downtown Los Angeles. This localized production chain directly benefits our community. Our dye house uses low impact dyes vs conventional dyes on these pieces. Low impact dyes use approximately 25% less water depending on the color and hand finish (i.e. softener/silicone), and we use all organic dyes. This means the same beautiful look of our dyed Sateen without the harmful chemicals.

LANDFILL LIFETIME: If a 100% Viscose item ends up in a landfill it would take anywhere from 6 weeks to 20 years to biodegrade depending on soil conditions in the landfill. (Yep, that’s quite a difference. Soil conditions really matter when it comes to Viscose.)

Fabric: 100% Viscose 

Fit: True to size.