Vicki Sweater

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Detail: Vicki is an oversized sweater, she features an origami sleeve that gives a delightfully bold shoulder. 

Sustainability: The name Baby Alpaca refers to the fineness of the fiber, not the age of the animal. It comes from the underside of the neck of an alpaca, where the wool is the softest. Baby Alpaca has a hollow core which traps air inside. So, it’s breathable and provides great insulation. It warms up quickly and stays warm longer (which is exactly what you want in a sweater). Baby Alpaca fibers are soft, durable, and hypoallergenic (less itchy).

LANDFILL LIFETIME: Baby Alpaca will take between 1- 5 years to biodegrade depending on the color and treatment of the yarn.

Fabric: 55% Baby Alpaca 21% Wool 24% Polyamide

Fit: True to size, if you are between sizes— size down.