Cheyenne Sweatshirt

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Detail: Cheyenne is a dreamy soft sweatshirt featured in purple. She has a ruffled chest and sleeve detail.

Sustainability: This is Nation LTD's soft, 100% Peruvian Cotton Luxury Fleece fabric. This fabric has a smooth face with a loop pile on the backside that is brushed to give that fluffy, warm feeling. Because our Luxury Fleece is made entirely of natural fibers (we do not add polyester) it’s going to remain nice and breathable while keeping you warm.

When it comes to natural fibers, the longer the staple, the softer the feel. Unlike most commercial cotton, Peruvian Cotton is harvested entirely by hand. This allows for an exceptionally long staple and makes the product soft, durable, and resistant to pilling. Because of this durability, garments made of Peruvian Cotton will naturally have a longer lifespan. That means you’ll be keeping them in your closet (and out of a landfill).

Fabric: Fleece 100% Cotton 

Fit: True to Size